Friday, July 29, 2011

My Body is Bent and Broken, By Long and Dangerous Sleep

 Bebe dress and shoes on me, Bebe jumpsuit on Az.

Shot some beautiful pictures of Azlinn (my friend and coworker at Bebe) and myself today after work. I think they turned out beautiful!! How photogenic is this girl!? We had a blast and are looking forward to our next picture adventure next week!

Listening to Willie Nelson: The Maker


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Don't Get Many Things Right The First Time

Old Navy Sweater

Off to work again today! Not before I get ready in my favorite sweater I bought at Old Navy on sale for like 5 bucks cause its a XXXXXXL. I could never have enough giant sweaters..

Listening to Ben Folds: The Luckiest

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What If You Could Wish Me Away

Forever 21, Hollister shorts, Aldo necklace

Went beaching today before work! It was kinda a cloudy day but it made for perfect paranormal reading conditions!

Listening to Joshua Radin: What if You

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Way The Story Goes

Timing tank, Bebe pants, Style&Co heels, Ross necklace

Having a nice night relaxing at home watching  ghost adventures and drinking wine. How do you beat that? I LOVE these pants I got from bebe! 2B, Bebe's outlet store had an amazing deal this weekend. 50% off clearance items! That's how I ended up getting these pants for $15 bucks! They are stretchy and perfect and awesome pants that fold up and stay perfectly!

Listening to Tim Bluhm: The Way The Story Goes

Thank You!!

I want to thank Jean Louise "Issa" Perez from Little Black Sheep Fashion for giving me 2 new blog awards! It really means a lot to me that guys read my blog and like it enough to give me a shout out!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Come Down to My Window

thrifted dress, belt and jewelry, Bakers heels

I'm enjoying the last of my morning before I head off to Bebe for the day. It's really been a blast working for them so far. I crept outside early this morning and snapped some pix in this beautiful shirt-dress I snagged from a thrifting adventure here on the island. The goal is to have it shortened a little more. I've already taken it in somewhat but my inner hoochie wants it shorter. How do you feel about the crazy pocket detail I created?  Hope you're having a great weekend!

Listening to The Avett Brothers

Friday, July 22, 2011

Steal My Heart And Hold My Tongue

thrifted skirt cut up and worn as tube top, gifted thrift diy shorts from Kyla, Aldo lips necklace, Bakers platforms.

Busy day today! I didn't sneak any beach time in but I did get to sleep in then go out to lunch with the boyfriend! It'll be a late night tonight but today I'll be too busy dreaming about my box of thrifted goodies sent my Kyla (see link above) from OceanBaby!! I must get some time in to find her some Oahu stuff next week! She sent me these shorts she thrifted then dyed to amazingness! She also sent me some other things I'll be wearing later! Great stuff! Thanks Kyla!!

Listening to Coldplay: Til Kingdom Come

Your Beauty Left Me Broke and Hungry

Thrifted romper, shorts, and necklace.

Worked at Bebe today! There was a dangerous 50% off clearance price sale at work today.. no comment. I really have had a blast working there and it's kept me busy busy! I've never worked in clothing retail before and this place is CONSTANTLY PACKED. It really makes for a perfect environment for me. I love people and I love things crazy and messy and chaotic. I think I'm in job heaven! I work at Eyes Plus and Bebe tomorrow! Should be a crazy busy day but I do go in to the first job a little later so maybe I can sneak in some beach and photo time! Almost the weekend! I hope my previous pix and nagging have inspired some of you to do an closet post! They are my favorite and I'd love to see yours! It got a good response and I believe it was inspired by my great friend Kyla at Ocean Baby.  I love the advice I've received from you fellow bloggers and would like to ask if there are any requests you have for me for future posts? Thanks and it's almost the weekend! Woo!

Listening to Gregory Alan Isakov: That Moon Song

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You're Ever Welcome With Me Any Time You Like

thrifted knit sweater, Hollister shorts

I worked late yesterday so I got some time to hang by the beach and start a new book Lavonne gave me when I saw her in Nebraska. The book is Ghosts Among Us by James Van Praagh. It's not a cleaver title or a play on words, it's actually about ghosts. James is the co-executive producer behind The Ghost Whisperer and a talented medium. Well, Lavonne and I are really into the paranormal and she claims this is a great read so I'm really exctied! Thanks Lavonne! I miss her so much..

Listening to Fleet Foxes: Blue Ridge Mountain

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Give My Gun Away When It's Loaded

Bebe top and skirt, belt and necklace from boutique in San Diego

It was another beautiful day in Oahu! Looks like I work everyday this week so it should go by really quick! No complaints because more work means more Bebe shopping! Shh though.. that's our little secret. I actually work at Eyes Plus Inc. (the optometrist) later tomorrow so you all know what that means? BEACH TIME in the morning! Maybe I'll work on some more closet pix for future posts. I'll need to after i get a special package in the mail this week from my friend Kyla who is the beautiful and sweet girl who has the blog Ocean Baby!! She sent me some vintage finds from Arizona!! Can't want to post them for you all! She's quite the fashionista!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Thanks Again!

Thank you Anastasia from Natbee's Fashion and Lifestyle for giving me an award! This amazing girl made this herself and it is an honor to accept! Thank you girl! You made my day!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Take Me Back Where I Come From

Bebe dress, Ultra Beauty Supply and Salon necklace (in Chula Vista, CA), thrifted necklace

I tried to have some fun with my pictures this time because my outfit was looking kinda plain. It was a long day that included a full apartment cleaning frenzy and a nice long work day and ended with the boyfriend's homecoming! It's great to have him back and have to have the desire to cook again! It was a long day for him too that included 13 hours of plane time so we're calling it an early night! Hope you had a great weekend!

Listening to David Gray: Transformation

Saturday, July 16, 2011

We Made Our Peace With Lonely Nights

thrifted dress

Here is the sneak peek I have been promising myself I was going to share. This is a look at some of the shoe collection in my closet room. I love shoes, they make such a statement and make me feel so sexy and tall. Only a few Bebes in here, maybe I'll so a Bebe post later! Also included is a picture showing some of the vintage dress section in my closet. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! What do your favorite shoes look like?

Listening to Peter Bradley Adams: Los Angeles

Friday, July 15, 2011

I Stood Alone There in the Driveway Til I Saw Your Headlights Fade

lei tube top, H&M bandage skirt, belt from a boutique in  San Diego, turquoise necklace, vintage bangles, Bebe platforms

Working all day today, I was hoping I'd sneak in some beach time but looks like I'll have to save it for tomorrow. Good thing I picked up a little color in Nebraska. My plan for tomorrow: clean the apartment before the boyfriend comes home and take a couple closet pix for you all! I think I'll start with the shoes. I'm inspired by a new addition to the family:(sorry boyfriend!) a beautiful pair of Bebe boots I got today. Regular price $179.99, outlet price about $35. Suede, over the knee, black, suede cut out platform boots! Perfect for Oahu, Hawaii huh?

Listening to Damien Jurado: I Am Still Here

It's Better Than Drinking Alone

Charolette Russe top, thrifted necklace

I spent the day with my friends watching Insidious.. horrible. It's nice to have a lazy day here and there. I came home late and since it was too dark to take pic outside I figured I would take some next to my closet. Here's some Platinum Batch secret info: I have too many clothes. Don't we all, right? My plan was to reveal some of my closet when I reached 100 followers so here we are, just a taste for now. I have a closet that takes up a whole wall in my master bedroom and... a closet room. Yes. I used one of the rooms in my apartment for a closet. It contains 2 racks for shirts and 2 shoe displays that hold a combined 84 pairs of heels... then we have the flats, the boots which I keep in the master closet..some random heels that sit on the floor,  and the Bebes and suede heels I like to keep in the boxes.

Listening to Billy Joel: Pianoman

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Something Filled My Heart With Nothing

thrifted dress and leopard print belt.

Busy day again today, got to see my two friends for lunch after work. No beach time though, I ended up letting the day slip away from me again. Now I sit here at 8:52 on a Wednesday night in a bathing suit confused at how quickly the day passes me by. Guess I'll push it to tomorrow, no work for me! Just a long day of unpacking, cleaning, beaching, and watching Insidious with friends.

Listing to The Arcadia Fire: Wake Up

Thank You!

Thank you Tereza from Drastic Plastic for my Best Blog award! I'm glad you guys like my outfit pictures and my crazy nonsense comments. I'm having a blast on this thing and thanks for reading!

Crazy Love

thrifted sweater, Celine shorts, belt I got from some boutique in San Diego, Bebe platforms

Busy day today! It was a busy day yesterday for me also actually, I worked at the optometrist for 9 hours then had to go buy groceries, go to Sally's across town for hair color, then go to Walmart for a planner and more groceries. Then I had to go home, grab a bite to eat and color my hair before bed which kept me up slightly passed 11. I woke up late (8am) after a rough night's sleep and got ready to head into the optometrist job early for a meeting then stayed there til 5:30. From there I headed to Bebe from 6-10. Not too bad though, they let me out a little early and now I'm in bed trying to get myself to go to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be great! I work early and get off around lunchtime and I'm going to go hang out with friends and grab lunch and some awesome local place!! It's good to be busy! Tomorrow I gotta sneak some beach time in! The countdown is on: 5 days left til the boyfriend comes home. So far I have been haunted and attacked by 2 geckos. We'll see if I survive the week..

Listening to Van Morrison: Crazy Love