Tuesday, September 27, 2011

we'll sail around the world

F21 Dress, Bebe platforms
It was such a beautiful weekend here. I spent it helping out at EPI's Grand Reopening, getting burned at the beach, and attacking Bebe's 50% off clearance sale. I hear we are getting a shipment of shoes soon and that always means trouble.

This is my last two weeks here on Oahu. As of October 9th, I will be a Californian again. I really loved my time here and feel it was too short but all I can do is throw a smile on my face and squeeze in as much friend time as possible! Speaking of.. today is beach with Az day! That will most definitely mean CRAZY OUTFIT POSTS... I'm thinking big poofy clearance Bebe skirts!

Listening to Belle and Sebastian: Piazza, the New York Catcher

Monday, September 12, 2011

it's all of my stupid love

F21 headpiece, Neiman necklace, thrifted shirt

We got the news last week. The boyfriend and I are headed back home to California. It has been an amazing four months and I will never forget my time here. I have made some incredible friends and I will always call this place one of my homes.

Enough being sad. I have two weeks at my jobs and about three weeks here total. The boyfriend and I are taking our last week here off and enjoying "typical Oahu" activities we never got to do.

I very much learned my lesson in my short time here and I am taking only ONE job next time. I loved the experience (and the extra cash) but never having weekends off can be a bummer and I want time to explore again.

Here's the first pix I've taken with my new lens! I love it. Yesterday I had the day off so what to do? Beach BBQ with the gang!

Listening to Masochist, Ingrid Michaelson