Thursday, June 30, 2011

If You're Living, You Don't Stand a Chance

thrifted high waist shorts, thrifted sheer blouse, The Limited folwer belts (two identical ones), Bakers platforms

I love these shoes. Platforms are so comfortable and this color is just perfect for many outfits. I felt like it was a nice pop for my black and white. Getting ready to go out to lunch with my friends and explore this place a little more. I'll let you know if he hit a good spot.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Run Through Me

thrifted maxi turned mini dress, thrifted belt

Simple outfit post today. I was on the way back from the beach and saw this really cute neighborhood and couldn't resist the urge to snap some pix in front. Have some errands to run today, looks like a cloudy one again so I might get to finally wear pants! Two more days til Nebraska and I have yet to plan my outfits. This will require some serious pondering.

Listening to Bon Iver: The Wolves

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today, I Wrote a Song For You

vintage polka dot dress I cut up and am wearing as a shirt before I reconfigure it, H&M skirt, vintage bangles, belt from some boutique in San Diego

I feel like something short, beautiful, and flowy today. It was loud and stormy last night and it kept me up. Not that it's awful to stay up watching the ocean and listening to the wind. I truly am in love with this place, it is so peaceful and it just speaks to me. I encourage everyone to visit Hawaii if they can, it really does change you and all the while make you feel at home.

Listening to Gavin Degraw: A Song For You

Monday, June 27, 2011

You Know You're the Best Thing Ever to Come Out of This Place

iLook sheer shirt, Hollister shorts, vintage belt and necklace

Lazy Monday for me as I recovered from last night's bbq/martini bar/champagne party. It was an awesome time with friends and a super fun event. I'm flying to Nebraska friday and will be there til the 17th so I hope I can keep up with the posts. My outfits may be boring because it'll be two weeks of outfits in one liiiiitle, tiiiiiiiny bag but I'm sure we will all manage!

Listening to Pete Yorn: Strange Condition

Thank you!

I want to thank Katie from oh, heyy life! for liking my blog enough to give me one of her cool awards!
Thanks girl! Check out her blog sometime, it's filled with hilarious stories based on her life and cute drawings.
Outfit post to come in a couple hours when my camera gets done charging... Let's kill time at the beach!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

With No Face, No Name, No Voice I'd Know

The Closet shirt, XOXO flair pants, vintage gold necklaces, Aldo turquoise necklace, vintage bangles.

Spent yesterday being lazy for no reason. Watched some movies but pretty much slept the day away. It was so cold and rainy and perfect for wasting the day lounging around. I'm making myself tired just thinking about it! I slipped some episodes of Ghost Adventures in and learned why Zac has his demon tattoo. I actually first watched an episode where spent the night in this old hospital that was previously run by nuns. Zac had taken off his shirt in hopes of getting the spirits to react to his tattoos. (The spirits showed activity with past guests who had tattoos.) He briefly explained a new tattoo that was inspired by a demonic experience. Then I found the episode he was referring to! Guess I had it recorded this whole time. Awesome. It was one of the best episodes I've ever seen. Very active and complete with partial spirit manifestation and possession!

Today will be more active though, have a friend's bbq/martini party in a bit and I plan on squeezing in some beach time.

Listening to Maria Taylor: Clean Getaway

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Longer I Run Then the Less That I Find

H&M dress, vintage belt, Charolette Russe necklace, Bebe platform sandals

It's going to be a nice lazy Saturday: I'm thinking go down to Honolulu and take pictures, spend some time at the beach, and watch Death Race! Hopefully the rain calms down. Have a great Saturday!

Listening to Peter Bradley Adams: Longer I Run lyrics

Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm Glued to the Back of This Bone Mask

AmiClubWear dress as shirt, H&M skirt, Aldo necklace as a belt, B2B platform shoes, gifted name necklace and vintage dogtag heart necklace, Ross ring.

GOT HIRED AT BEBE TODAY!! My life's goal for sure. I am going to be inches away form those beautiful platforms everyday. Get ready closet! Another interview outfit today as you guessed. There's only one more after this, then we're back to the ever-so-missed vintage for a bit. Spend the day with Sandy and her sis. Did an early morning bakery stop for her son's bday cake then went to lunch with them at a yummy new place. Talked to my good friend (Punk Rock) Amanda from California today and heard all about her crazy psychic/la/egg selling adventures. She always has the most crazy interesting life for sure! I'll keep you posted. Great news all around: my new friend got hired right next to me. I'm not going to put her name on blast yet because I want her to work at Bebe too so we're on the hush-hush for now folks! Great day in Oahu! Got some major beach time and busy me means late posts! Sorry but hope you enjoy!

Listening to Malcolm Middleton: The Ballad of Fuck All

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Threw Stones at the Stars but the Whole Sky Fell

Papaya shirt, Flying Monkey pants, Qupid platforms, vintage necklace and belt.

No interviews today, just me and the island. Spent the day exploring beautiful places to take pictures, having lunch with my awesome friend Sandy, trying to skype Amanda during the day and show her the beach and catching up with my sister Melissa at night before bed. Amanda, is my friend I've known for over 20 years, she is my sister's best friend and they met in kindergarten. She is beyond family to us.

Love this easy outfit that kept me cool all day and gotta love coral and turquoise combo! More interview pix to come tomorrow. I had my third interview with Bebe today and will show pix then, with more Bebe shoes of course!

Listening to Gregory Alan Isakov: The Stable Song

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You’re in My Veins, and I Cannot Get You Out

The Closet tee, vintage skirt, Forever 21 belt

Yes, another interview outfit! Wore with some Bebes and my Sex and the City belt! Someone has to give in and hire this girl! Actually not complaining cause I'm having too much with my time off. Spent some time at the beach afterwards then headed over to buy some much needed kitchen supplies. Life without a pizza cutter in the shape of an Italian cook, hat and all, is really not life at all. The rest of the afternoon was used to perfect my baked parmesan mac and cheese recipe. Turned out pretty sweet with the help of a little chipotle pepper action. Mmm mmm. Who's coming over for dinner?

More interviews to come this week so today is going to be spent possibly getting afternoon cocktails with a friend and taking some more rad beach pictures. I do live in Oahu now afterall.

Listening to: Andrew Belle and Erin McCarley: In My Veins.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You Should Have Taken a Long Break, Instead of a Long Drop, Instead of a Leap of Faith

(thrifted dress i hemmed up to suitable length, H&M belt, and Bebe platform shoes)

I swear not all my shoes are from Bebe... just all my favorite ones! They just have a height you can not compete with. Here I am wearing a great Hawaiian vintage find with some sky high Bebe's I wore to my optometrist interview. This dress is actually low cut and perfect but the collar was blown up in the pic. Still works. I thought I would throw you a bone and actually show you the beach I talk so much about. I can't believe I haven't shot here before. Perfect way to spend sunset.

Listening to Brandi Carlile: That Year

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Little More Stupid, a Little More Scared

One Clothing dress, vintage belt and bracelets, Steve Madden wedges, gifted name necklace.

Loved this light-weight dress for my interview this week but the material made it wrinkle so quickly. Still beautiful fit and color though. It's another rainy day here and it makes me want to wrap up in bed and stare out the window. I love morning rain. Rain in general makes me pretty happy but something about those mornings... shooting today is going to be heaven.

Listening to The National: Slow Show

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I've Learned to Live Half Alive, and Now You Want Me One More Time

 tee from the closet, vintage skirt, belt from boutique in San Diego, Bebe platform favorite knockoffs in suede, gifted necklace.

Having a beautiful weekend so far, went to that Bebe interview I had been waiting for and I think it went pretty well. Spent yesterday getting super sunburned at the beach and getting late night wine and sushi and having and awesome time. I am going to be so sad to leave this place.

Took some last minute shots in the grass outside my house in a beautiful vintage skirt and my Bebes in the suede version. Perfection.

Listneing to Christina Perri: Jar of Hearts

Saturday, June 18, 2011

With a Knife in the Shape of Your Mouth, In the Form of Your Body, With the Wrath of a God


H&M blazer, Bebe tank, skirt, and shoes, clutch from boutique in San Diego, online belt, silver name necklace was a gift.

It's a beautiful day today and what better way to spend it than going to the beach? A day of BBQing, surfing, snorkeling, and partying on White Plains beach should do the trick. I think we've all earned it!

This post and the next are of interview outfits I wore this week. I guess I went a little hoochie but what you see is what you get people. Ain't nothing but a hoochie mama!

Listening to Gavin Degraw: Belief.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Bible Didn't Mention Us, Not Even Once

striped shirt and black shorts from a boutique in San Diego, Bebe platform shoes

It's been a pretty successful couple of days. Had two interviews yesterday that went well and ended up making some cool friends in the process. Applied to the amazing Bebe over here that would give me a sweet discount if hired (stop my heart from jumping out of my chest). Today I had another interview at an optometrist office that went well, I don't think I'll end up working there but I plan on doing some volunteer work with them in the future to promote a public awareness project the family-owned business had been working on and researching for about 10 years. It's called SAVE (Supporting Academic and Visual Experience) and it's purpose is to inform parents of the alarming amount of children students being misdiagnosed with ADHD and other learning disabilities when sometimes the cause is actually stemming from visual problems which  result in poor academics and behavior. The problem is that many public schools no longer do eye testing and therefor many parents end up simply having to rely on pediatricians for information on their children's eye health, but their procedures are standard and they are not visionary specialists, and if something wrong isn't detected, they run the risk of not visiting a specialist. Many students have trouble concentrating due to astigmatisms or other eye problems that remain undiscovered, they then develop behavioral symptoms that resemble learning disabilities and when the misdiagnosis begins they are on the journey of  inhaling medications and end up in special education programs that could ultimately effect motivation and self esteem. While professional athletes are groomed to perfection and have eye exams that detect every error, for years children have been merely glanced at and oked.

Please know I have friends that have learning disabilities, I myself am dyslexic and understand there are challenges we all face. I believe there are great educators and volunteers that work in our special education fields and I think they are heroes. I am not saying this is the case refers to every student, and I am not trying to show disrespect for anyone with a mental handicap, I am just supporting the idea that our children's health and well-being should be the most important cause to us. I am saying we must and can fight this misdiagnosis and up our standards for children's sake. They are the future and with the burst of technology and the new demands on eyes, we need to update our policies. All beginning with getting the message out there in schools and state publications.

On a lighter note, I went to lunch with my friends after that heavy interview and we laughed about all being obsessed with ghost shows and cheesy television and ate sushi until it came out our ears, we had too good of a time! I got home and cleaned in a much too hot house which inspired me to cool down with a little hooch-ification. I earned it. Nothing brightens up your day more than some little poofy-flower-hot-pink shoes.

Listening to Regina Spektor: Samson. Just beautiful.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

You Came in With the Season

vintage dress, belt from some store in San Diego, Charlotte Russe sparrow in chains necklace, sunglasses from Ultra Beauty Supply and Salon in Chula Vista (where I used to call home. Boo!), Hat from some guy's stand in Long Beach, Bebe FAVORITE platform shoes.

It's going to be a busy day for me! I'm currently going through photos to post, just dyed my hair cause it was looking a little red and faded, and soon I'll be off to go harass Bebe til they hire me and by that I mean go to my two interviews elsewhere and go look and their shoes in between appointments. I'm pretty excited to get out there and do something new. I worked in my old job at Ultra for 7 years and I could have stayed forever. I like the idea of being in a little work family again. I'm hoping I can snag a couple part time jobs and keep myself nice and busy. I love being out in the world meeting people and learning from them and their fashion. Fingers crosses!

I'm wearing a beautiful thrifted dress that was made in Africa. I love this dress because with a belt it poofs out and makes for a beautiful womanly silhouette. The shoes are THE FAVORITES I keep making such a big fuss about. They are so comfortable I could wear them forever. They make me feel like my legs are longer, my outfits are better, and like I'm walking on air. It's good to have a pair of shoes or any item of clothing for that matter that really makes you feel like a million bucks. I've worn them to the beach, camping, the list is ongoing! You see why I need all his relatives now! It's almost the weekend! You doing something fun?

Listening to A Fine Frenzy: Bird of the Summer