Monday, November 7, 2011

bright before me the signs implore me


thrifted Dior boys blazer, BlackPoppy shredded knit, Bebe suede skinny pants, Steve Madden boots, thrifted leopard print scarf

It was nice and cold today, prefect for wrapping up in all sorts of layers! I bought this blazer a few years ago down in Chula Vista, I just love how it fits me. One of the items I always scout out while thrifting is a good blazer which I look for in the children's section because they are more narrow and usually shorter from the sleeves and bottom (which gives me the popular cropped look). These pants were a great find when I worked at Bebe. We got these in and I just about freaked over the sale price, they are very stretchy for suede and I liked them so much I bought them in 3 different colors!

Listening to I Think it's Going to Rain Today: Norah Jones


  1. Love the outfit and the creativity of your photos! x

  2. love your boots sweetie and the song is so nice love Norah Jones she have an amazing voice kisses

  3. Ooo la la. I love the boots! WWW.OCEANBABY86@BLOGSPOT.COM