Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just Close Your Eyes, It Won't Take Long


Huskers shirt (Go Big Red!), Bebe stripe pants, H&M jacket over F21 jacket, Bebe snake heels

Had a fun day driving down to Hollywood and watching the Huskers game even though we lost. Caught up with a friend and met a new one, shared drinks, and had the most amazing steak and egg breakfast. Thanks Happy Ending, we will be back for sure.

No reason for the random shoe post, I'm just that in love with my heels. <3

Listening to David Gray: Kathleen


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  3. Love those shoes and you look beautiful honey! Love, Mom

  4. You have an amazing collection of heels! I'm jealous!
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  5. tnx girl because you came back and solved the problem....I appreciate'r so sweet... ;)waiting you to come back on my blog....I certainly will ...kisses.....

  6. so amazing!
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  7. love your shoes! and I also like the turquoise heels in the last pic...which brand are they???

  8. wow, wonderful shoes:) love your blog, I follow you!:*

  9. Thank you for your visit and lovely comment:) Your blog is great, superb photos! You look amazing and beautiful:) I love your jacket and pants.

  10. love all your heels! Whenever you wanna get rid of them let me know ;) ahhhaha


  11. Love those heels, so sassy but sophisticated. You're so beautiful!

  12. Those Shoes are amazing love the ensemble

  13. i love your style, and amazing shoe collection you have! so jealous... i really enjoyed your pics and you have a great blog! following, and hope to see more posts!