Monday, December 19, 2011

what will be left when I've drawn my last breath

2b dress

I love the design on this sweater dress. Adds a little something extra to regular black and white stripes. I feel bad that I wore this to work at Bebe because about 20 people asked me if we had it in stock.. sorry guys! You are a couple months too late.

I have to wear all black at Planet Beauty so Bebe is my fashion escape. I am all heels and crazy colors most of the time. My Bebe friends have caught on because usually make my way in to check my schedule on lunch breaks at Planet and I'm sure they'd think I was gothic if I didn't come clean.

I don't really Christmas shop so all I've had to do this season is decorate and look for one white elephant present for our family party, which I haven't actually done yet. Which is ridiculous because I work at a mall.

How has your Holiday been going?

BTW I'm obsessed with:
(Just wish it came in dark chocolate)

 and Listening to Nickel Creek: Doubting Thomas

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  1. This dress is beautiful and sexy !
    Have a great Christmas !!!