Friday, December 23, 2011

These Words Have Never Meant so Much to Anyone

Bebe dress as shirt and 3 Bebe skirts (blue, pink, and black) for poofy effect, 2b belt

I am a big fan of poofy, girly dresses and when I couldn't find one in my closet to wear to work... I made one. We still had all the materials for this creation in stock and by the end of the day there were colorful tutus all over the place, you're welcome.

I got the most beautiful dress at Betsy Johnson this week. Pictures to come.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Listening to the Avett Brothers: The Weight of Lies


  1. The dress is amazing ! Thanks for the comment !


    btw, do you want to follow each other ?

  2. I love this look, gorgeous skirts :)
    happy holidays!!

  3. HI love! i miss u and love the dress!!! i have a new blog pls follow me! xoxo

  4. i love the way you always mix thing together (the dress as a top)
    I love love the results as usual ;)

    Happy New Year. All my best wishes.. Joy, Health, Success, Peace.. :)