Friday, January 13, 2012

if whiskey don't kill me, I don't know what will

2b dress, belt from boutique in San Diego

I am obsessed with this 2b dress I bought a few weeks ago. It's a maxi that seems to be the perfect length. I love the white and the bohemian lace texture. I felt like my whole day at Bebe was spent running this dress around to various clients who also fell victim to its charm.

I wore it with a button-up blue denim shirt to and from work and it dressed it down perfectly. Very "exploring California during a summer roadtrip". The perfect way to spend summer, if you ask me.

Listening to Moonshiner by Uncle Tupelo


  1. Gorgeous!!!!I want to see more pics, this dress is so dreamy!

  2. OMG that dress really is too cute, it's very effortlessly chic :) You're so pretty & I want to see more pictures of this dress!