Thursday, August 25, 2011

stumbled over myself

Charolette Russe top, Bebe necklace, 2B bracelet, Hollister jeans

I've been neglecting my blog and feel bad about it. I really wish there were more hours in the day to do everything you wanted to do in life. I love my jobs but I am finding out it is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I want to start shooting during my lunch breaks at Eyes Plus and I think next week I should start posting more. My birthday was on Tuesday and my boyfriend got me a new lens! (I broke mine a few weeks back and have been using a zoom lens so my pix suck when I shoot alone.) All in all, the birthday was great and my week continues. Hope you're all having a good one. Bebe shoe posts to come.. and I really want to make it to a triftstore next week. Az and I passed a big one last week while on our way to hang out!

Listening to Gregory Alan Isakov: The Unwritable Girl


  1. Happy Birthday! Nice that you liked you're week ^^. And that's really sweet of you're boyfriend. And you don't need to feel bad that you don't post so much... and you're wearing a gorgeous top and a rauwtsch necklace ^^.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! I'm so glad your week has been a good one! the colors of your shirt are amazing, they make me happy =)

  3. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!! hope you had a blast!! :)
    I love your necklace btw :)

    you're my favorite hollywood actress look alike~~ sandra bullock!
    absolutely stunning!

  5. happy bday my dear! ;)
    stay young and have a blst :)

  6. Happy happy birthday, Dear! :)
    love those photos, that necklace looks especially cute :)
    where do you work?