Friday, October 28, 2011

as free as the wind


 jeans from some boutique on Oahu, thrifted blouse, H&M blazer

I need some glamorous outdoor shots asasp. Something about me in the kitchen chilling with a trashcan just doesn't really make for excellent picture taking. However I have yet to unpack my tripod so this is just how it's got to be for us. I assume we will survive.

Tomorrow I am going on a ghost tour with my former (I hate saying that) coworkers from Ultra Beauty Supply and Salon. I am beyond excited for the tour and the margaritas to follow! I'll let you know if I get into any spooky situations. I'm sure I won't but Lavonne (one of my coworkers) and I are obsessed with the paranormal, so we will have our fingers crossed.

Lets listen to some modern blue grass.

Listening to Lucky by Alison Krauss


  1. Yeah, photos outside are way better, but you still look very cool.

    Have a sweet weekend.

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