Saturday, June 11, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Vintage dress, Jessica Simpson platforms, handmade stone jewelry from outdoor market worn with vintage black chains necklace, vintage belt.

I've been doing a lot of exploring since I got here and curiosity led me to a beautiful countryside I just needed to get out investigate. I found an old baseball field here that sucked me in and seduced my camera. There were only a  few dirt roads and seemed to stretch forever with not a house or store to be seen. I was left intoxicated by the feel of that summer heat, the smell of grass and salty air brought in from the occasional gust of wind, and the music from stranger's tires driving over that bumpy old road. There is really so much beauty all around us. Let the sun warm you or the clouds chill you to the bone. Let the smell of the food, trees, and road consume your imagination. Let the noises of the cars, birds, people, and wind shrink your problems, if only for a minute.

Wearing a beautiful vintage dress I bought from my favorite seller on eBay, TinRoofVintage. Her dresses are all taken in and hemmed and made very chic and modern but you end up paying a pretty penny for her popular pieces. Shoes were a gift from the boyfriend because he was sick of seeing me wear my favorite shoes, a pair of platform Bebes that will make many appearances. The belt is super worn out but I feel it has charm and you can be a little grungy in summer.

My other model:


  1. Wow- gorgeous dress! Love those colors. x

  2. you look great. love the dress.. and the pictures tell a story

  3. love these pictures, they are really amazing! Would you like to follow each other? love, m.

  4. that is a very cute dress, must check it out on ebay x

  5. your dress is awesome!!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  6. great pictures and an absolutely adorable vintage dress. very inspiring.