Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wanna Swap?

Vintage dress, Calvin Klein cardi, vintage boots, clutch, sunglasses, necklace, and belt Amanda and I found at her community hot tub on wine night, Ross hat, Target socks.

I love the weather in Oahu. It can be a sunny, humid 85-degree afternoon leaving you to walk around with your shirt melting to your back then in an instant RAIN! There is nothing more perfect than a warm sun shower and getting your hair and clothes all wet. Getting all messy can be so beautiful. This was our Saturday as we braved the June heat and spent our day exploring the swap meet. I found lots of jewelry and many interesting wooden carved creations but our mission is still unattained, the mission of finding a giant tiki. man. I figure I'll have to have one commissioned but how do you even exist in Hawaii without such greatness hanging out in your living room?

I love thrifting for vintage clothes. Why is it that even if you buy something at a thriftstore that is from Forever 21, it still feels like a great vintage find that partied its way through the 80s? I retract the question, I don't want to ruin the magic. I believe that's the case with this white summer dress I always get tons of compliments on. A white, cotton flowy mini dress should be in every one's wardrobe. It just makes you feel so excited for a warm summer day so you can throw it on over a bikini and go twirl around on the beach. the cardigan was a nice summer touch I felt. Just throw on some brown accessories and you are summer ready. Can I please profess my love for this vintage clutch for a quick sec? I found it at one of my favorite stores called Whatever in Parkway Plaza, San Diego. It is an inexpensive boutique in front with everything in fashion at the moment and a consignment store in back. Does it get more perfect? Not really. So if you're in the area you should check it out and buy what I can't cause I'm all the way over here. Wah!

My perfect late night by yourself song.


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  4. That dress is amazing!!!! I'm totally with you on white dresses for summer they scream summer. And your striped cardi totally tops it off perfectly!

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  6. Nice outfit !!! a little bit vintage-ish and festival-ish !! I like it !!

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  7. i love the striped dress! and the bag is great.

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  12. That white dress is gorgeous! You're so right... it's such a wardrobe staple. Can't believe it's so hard to find a tiki over there.

  13. that cardi is to die for! and that necklace is gorge! Is it vintage?


  14. I really really really like this outfit!
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