Thursday, June 16, 2011

You Came in With the Season

vintage dress, belt from some store in San Diego, Charlotte Russe sparrow in chains necklace, sunglasses from Ultra Beauty Supply and Salon in Chula Vista (where I used to call home. Boo!), Hat from some guy's stand in Long Beach, Bebe FAVORITE platform shoes.

It's going to be a busy day for me! I'm currently going through photos to post, just dyed my hair cause it was looking a little red and faded, and soon I'll be off to go harass Bebe til they hire me and by that I mean go to my two interviews elsewhere and go look and their shoes in between appointments. I'm pretty excited to get out there and do something new. I worked in my old job at Ultra for 7 years and I could have stayed forever. I like the idea of being in a little work family again. I'm hoping I can snag a couple part time jobs and keep myself nice and busy. I love being out in the world meeting people and learning from them and their fashion. Fingers crosses!

I'm wearing a beautiful thrifted dress that was made in Africa. I love this dress because with a belt it poofs out and makes for a beautiful womanly silhouette. The shoes are THE FAVORITES I keep making such a big fuss about. They are so comfortable I could wear them forever. They make me feel like my legs are longer, my outfits are better, and like I'm walking on air. It's good to have a pair of shoes or any item of clothing for that matter that really makes you feel like a million bucks. I've worn them to the beach, camping, the list is ongoing! You see why I need all his relatives now! It's almost the weekend! You doing something fun?

Listening to A Fine Frenzy: Bird of the Summer


  1. how are you more tan then i am now jenny jenny?!? (this is jackie)

  2. That is a fun cute summer dress, also I like the hat

  3. dress is lovely... nice legs :)

  4. Love the dress! Very sexy!

  5. cute dress and good luck J! Thrift stores are the shit :)

  6. Great blog darling !

    LOVE and FOLLOW absolutely !

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  7. Hi!Your dress is beautiful!
    i hope that you will visit me and post a comment on my blog!

  8. Your dress is amazing the pattern is fantastic!!!! You seriously thrift awesomeness! LOVE your shoes I can see how they are favorites.

    p.s. Good luck with your interviews I hope you sang some awesome job =)

  9. thank you, I'm following you too! this dress is so beautiful!! ;)

  10. WOW, i really love your blog and follow you now on bloglovin. :) When you will, can you follow me back on my blog or on bloglovin! I wear really happy about you following my darling :)

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  12. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!
    You are very beautiful and sexy!
    I am following back!

  13. fingers crossed that you get the job!
    you, my darling, look fabulous.

  14. I love this dress/outfit!

  15. I really love your shoes! Also, that dress is so beautiful! =)

    star-crossed smile