Sunday, June 26, 2011

With No Face, No Name, No Voice I'd Know

The Closet shirt, XOXO flair pants, vintage gold necklaces, Aldo turquoise necklace, vintage bangles.

Spent yesterday being lazy for no reason. Watched some movies but pretty much slept the day away. It was so cold and rainy and perfect for wasting the day lounging around. I'm making myself tired just thinking about it! I slipped some episodes of Ghost Adventures in and learned why Zac has his demon tattoo. I actually first watched an episode where spent the night in this old hospital that was previously run by nuns. Zac had taken off his shirt in hopes of getting the spirits to react to his tattoos. (The spirits showed activity with past guests who had tattoos.) He briefly explained a new tattoo that was inspired by a demonic experience. Then I found the episode he was referring to! Guess I had it recorded this whole time. Awesome. It was one of the best episodes I've ever seen. Very active and complete with partial spirit manifestation and possession!

Today will be more active though, have a friend's bbq/martini party in a bit and I plan on squeezing in some beach time.

Listening to Maria Taylor: Clean Getaway


  1. I can't watch those shows!! They freak me out so bad!! I love your necklace very Arizona.

  2. Love the flare pant! I am so obsessed with wide leg and flares, they are so flattering to all body types. I was lazy today as well, but of course still fabulous! Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog, I am glad I can be some source of inspiration! You are wonderful!


  3. oh how I understand. Sunday is tragic for me, I did not want to do anything. But on Monday it again! In any case I wish you a good week;)

  4. Your pics and your outfit are always fantastic, I love your style!!

  5. that necklace is so gorgeous! you look amazing on the pics, your hair has that 'out-of-bed-look', I totally adore it! ♥

  6. Sometimes its nice, just to be lazy.
    I love the pictures, you look beautiful and your outfit is so chic!

    Have a great time at the BBQ (and have a martini for me), love your newest follower,

    Girl about Town XxX

  7. I like procrastinating as well (without a reason)..:) I guess we all need those lazy days, dont we?!

    Regarding the floral pants at my 7th day look, I didnt adjust them at all,I left them as they were since I was 14years old...hahaha..Amazing right?!

    Dont forget to enter my give-away..

  8. wow, you are so pretty!

    i couldn't agree with you more about being lazy, especially on rainy days. :)


  9. i love your header, it made me laugh. you are stunning too, love that las tphoto.

    PS join my giveaway!

  10. Love the outfit. You are such an inspiration. Love you blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)

  11. Lazy days are underrated. They are the best days of the week! And you look gorgeous! I love your golden locks and that statement necklace. Bold!

  12. Love the flares and that necklace is amazing - you always look so good x

  13. Love this outfit. The flare pants and statement necklace are to die for.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    Stop by my blog
    X Brigita

  14. we all have days like that!! lovely pictures! :)


  15. Your hair is soo beautiful!!