Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm Glued to the Back of This Bone Mask

AmiClubWear dress as shirt, H&M skirt, Aldo necklace as a belt, B2B platform shoes, gifted name necklace and vintage dogtag heart necklace, Ross ring.

GOT HIRED AT BEBE TODAY!! My life's goal for sure. I am going to be inches away form those beautiful platforms everyday. Get ready closet! Another interview outfit today as you guessed. There's only one more after this, then we're back to the ever-so-missed vintage for a bit. Spend the day with Sandy and her sis. Did an early morning bakery stop for her son's bday cake then went to lunch with them at a yummy new place. Talked to my good friend (Punk Rock) Amanda from California today and heard all about her crazy psychic/la/egg selling adventures. She always has the most crazy interesting life for sure! I'll keep you posted. Great news all around: my new friend got hired right next to me. I'm not going to put her name on blast yet because I want her to work at Bebe too so we're on the hush-hush for now folks! Great day in Oahu! Got some major beach time and busy me means late posts! Sorry but hope you enjoy!

Listening to Malcolm Middleton: The Ballad of Fuck All


  1. yyyyaaayyyyy!!!! good job jenny!!

  2. hihi a cute outfit!!:D
    I really like your blog, if you like we can follow each other! I'll be waiting ^^


  3. again an amazing outfit, the skirt is so lovely with the strass! and the colour of the shirt is wonderful! ♥

  4. congratulations on your new job!!
    I love the outfit!1 as usual :)
    Great shoes!!! :)

    thank you so much for the sweetest comment :)


  5. Congrats!! Working in those kind of stores make you excited to go to work, especially with all of those fabulous pumps! Love this outfit!


  6. love it...

  7. Congratulations!

    Seriously now, I am looking at your pictures and I cannot find a single flaw, you look great!

    Froso from Style Nirvana ♥

  8. Gorgeous outfit! Your legs are amazing. Congrats on the new job at Bebe :) soo jealous!

    xo katie elizabeth

  9. Thank you for your compliments! I feel honored! You are very kind! :)
    I like your blog, too!

    Kisses from Italy!
    ♥ Dressy Celeb ♥

  10. Love the necklace as the belt. Great idea. Oh and congrats on Bebe. Sounds like a dangerous job for the wallet. haha.


  11. Great outfit!

  12. No wonder you had no room in your room! You are crazy girl!! We certainly do miss you in SD but will be seeing you soon!!! Remind me to show you a picture I found of me in tan pants and red top!! Remember oomph loompa on your birthday as clue!!!