Monday, June 13, 2011

School's Out for Summer

vintage dress and necklace, combat boots, Target socks, H&M bow belt

It was a nice lazy weekend for me. Sunday I stayed home and cleaned, facetimed Emily til she left me to take a nap, updated the blog, and tried to get the energy to clean out the closet room (unsuccessful). The afternoon eventually became too beautiful to resist and my need for freedom threw out of my apartment and compelled to go find some great hidden spot to take pictures in. Enter creepy abandoned school, well, i assumed it was a school. I found this run-down old beauty on the side of the road last week while I was trying to find the power plant beach I came across by accident weeks earlier. I refer to it as power plant beach because it was indeed... in front of a power plant. How's that for originality? Well I once again was unable to find the beach but clearly this was the next best thing. I hope the picture of me in the grass is appreciated because not only is Oahu known for its creepy giant centipedes that hang out in the grass, but I swear I heard rattling around me while I was trying to capture this pose. Kidding friends. I am fully aware it was my own obsession almost brought about my demise, and it sure upped the creepy factor!

This ballerina dress is my current lover. Its tight on top and flowy on the bottom and stretchy and colorful and and and and dare I say, perfect? I topped it off with one of my favorite vintage necklaces I bought while visiting family in Minnesota and my teeny-tiny belt. I felt a little grunge yesterday so I tried a modern, girly take on early 90's grunge with my big ol' combat boots and some random colorful socks. Combat boots and a girly mini dress just really do make a great combo. They are the perfect ingredients to a boy meets girl look and they sure did the trick yesterday! I even got a complement from our friend, Jeff. Thanks Jeff! Getting an outfit complement from a man is the equivalent to 15 complements from a woman, really, because when are they ever paying attention?


  1. getting an outfit compliment from a man is a rarity! I like the outfit too though!


  2. Of course I want to follow you ! ♥ your dress btw

  3. Beautiful outfit! =) Your dress is gorgeous, it looks really well with the pop of blue from your socks! :] You're so lucky school is over.. I'm still on my last week! And thank-you so much for checking out my blog, I followed you on here and on BlogLovin! =]


  4. gorgeous outfit <3
    love the dress and the boots <3
    so adorable :)


  5. oops, meant to comment on THIS post. haha love this dress so pretty :)

  6. Hi!! I most say I love your blog and your look amazing in all your posts!! I will need to start putting pictures up of my outfits. I still need to get the hang of this blogging bsuy ha ha! Would be great if we could follow one another.. Love xoxox

  7. nice dress!

  8. Hi Thank you so much for stopping by, I really like your style, the photos of the blue shoes are killer! Of course I'm following :) and also I think this maybe can help you to have the perfect layer in your blog I hope you dont get upset... But I know how stressing could be to edit the design of the blog, I found it really helpful ;)


  9. This abandoned school, if it is a school, it's amazing.
    I really like all these places!!!

    Wherever the Sunset is

  10. Nice otfit! :)
    thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

  11. That dress is perfect! The print is so pretty - and I love the blue peeking out from the combat boots :)

    sorelle in style