Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Been Living Out of This Heavy Suitcase For Way Too Long

Free People shirt, shorts from some boutique in San Diego, headband I made out of a vintage beaded necklace, Bebe platform shoes.

It was a beautiful day in Oahu. I woke up early and made breakfast for the boyfriend and myself, then managed to keep awake and do some much needed errands before my friend and I went to check out the swap meet at (again) so she could buy a father's day present. One simple event turned into a hilarious adventure as is always seems to do and before long I had to say goodbye and head off to the outlet mall I discovered close to her house. This turned out to be a goldmine for jobs and after an hour of scouring for the perfect retail joint I ended up with 1 interview down,  2 interviews for tomorrow, and one for Friday. Go me! I have to admit I have my fingers crossed for Bebe. I NEED to start getting some of those shoes at discount because let's face it, they're going to be mine anyway. 

Case and point: the Bebe loves in my picture. Earlier I mentioned my favorite Bebe platform shoes that would eventually weasel their way onto my blog? Well these are their brothers! Yes, I am so in love with my originals (which you will see in tomorrow's shoot) that I had to re-buy them because I have worn down my favorites so very, very badly. Worn here with a beautiful Free People shirt that looks and wears more like a dress and a headband that completes my look better than a necklace ever could.

Listening to Ray Lamontagne: Jolene


  1. Good for you jenny thats bomb! Cute outfit by the way and I have a psir of wedges I wear with everything so I know how you feel.

  2. Those are some shoes! Good luck with the job process.

  3. These are killer heels! :D
    But I like them! :)

  4. You are beatiful =)
    I love your hair. Amazing shoes!

    I also follow you

  5. i love this look <3
    and love your shoes and your dress <3


  6. best of luck with the jobs. those shoes are super cute although they do look a bit dangerous for a klutz like me

  7. Looking fab - good luck for the bebe job - thanks for the great comment - always happy to follow a fellow lover of fashion xx

  8. love the outfit. love the hair
    your blog is great

    much love ♡

  9. so pretty, love those shoes!!
    Following your blog, follow back?


  10. Lovely shirt!! :)