Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stairway To Heaven

Thrifted dress and jewelry, Bebe shoes

Trying to find somewhere beautiful to shoot is easy when you're somewhere new. You haven't become immune to its loveliness yet, everything is fresh and magical. That is where I found myself, outside this (semi) deserted church on a misty June day. It was so inspiring I probably took over 100 photos and could have stayed much longer. The "semi" refers to a woman who drove up and parked right next to me half way through shooting (deserted parking lot, remember?) and began venting about her life's dramatic episodes to someone on the phone. I believe she was a sign that I had drowned in narcissism long enough for one day.

I'm wearing a beautiful thrifted dress I had every intention of hemming before today but as you can see I failed because last minute it cried "make me shorter!" and how could I resist? Along with my sexy platform Bebe loves that are very comfortable and match my skin color therefore add miles on to my legs! (Always a helpful trick!) My beautiful vintage golden leaf necklace is covered by my unruly mane sadly and the bracelets are a collection of vintage finds from over the years.


  1. you are SO pretty! your hair ooks amazing! im so jalouse:) and the dres.. its gorgeous!
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  2. Really lovely photos. That thrifted dress is an amazing find, and you're a stunner in it!

    x Michelle |

  3. You are sooooo prettyy!!!!!!!!!!!:D
    xoxox from spain