Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rainy Daze

My plan to go tanning today is being ruined again by a lovely Oahu storm that's been hanging out for about a week. So I guess I should entertain us with some crazy and amazing online finds!

Kawaii Cute Japanese Floating Ring Pancakes With Syrup

Yes, a pancake ring!

Bagel Meat Egg Pickle Sandwich Mustard  Ring

A yummy sandwich ring!

Wine Lovers Ring

Wine ring!

Ice Cream Sundae  Whip Cream Ring

Ice cream ring!

Coffee And A Donut To Go Ring

Breakfast ring!

Beer Barbeque Meat Shish Kebob  Ring

The "man" ring!

Colorful Chocolate Cookie In Jar  Ring

Cookie ring (note to self: BUY FOR SISTER-- but instruct her not to eat it.. that girl was born with a mouth full of sweet teeth.)

Kawaii Floating Ring French Fries Onion Ring And Ketchup

TOO COOL. Must...stop....looking. This will quickly drain my back account.

All rings can be found at http://www.etsy.com/shop/SouZouCreations


  1. SUPER EXCITED FOR YOUR BLOG!!! I love the flower dress post. You have always been so fashionable!

  2. haha these are fun. oh btw im always upset when there's bad weather when i have the day off- i want my tan now!