Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I've Got You In My Clutches

A few things I'm lusting over...


 Etsy, Topshop, Kaboodle, Fendi, Vintage, source unknown, Kong Bags, source unknown, Asos, Kong Bags, source unknown, Miu Miu, Vintage, Vintage, Fendi.

That would complete my collection... for now.

There are many clothing items and accessories I love but when I am in the company of a good clutch bag I am a truly happy woman. My collection of clutches started about 6 years ago when I thrifted a lovely little floral print toiletry bag that made an easy conversion into my favorite late night go-to (with the small addition of an antique broach). It's long gone now disappearing into the universe like good items always seem to do as mysteriously as socks from the dryer.

The new generation,

My loves.

The plan for the rest of the day will finding a new beach and working on the tan, getting ready for the boyfriend to leave on business tomorrow (which will mean 3 days of champagne and skype night with friends Emily and Amanda and sis Melissa), and my two current projects: reconstruction of a polka dotted vintage beauty and creation of my own beautiful giant clutch from the fabric in the last single clutch photo.

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